Kryptonite Locks

Kryptonite boasts a legendary history in itsld, inventors of the arc lock also known as U-Lock, creating a new standard of safety for the bicycle.

Decades of experience and continuous investments in R&D have made the Kryptonite brand one of the leading manufacturers of arc locks .

Kryptonite arc padlocks are among the best high quality U-locks even for areas at high risk of theft.

5 good reasons to choose a Kryptonite padlock

1) Because they are made of reinforced steel, with anti-drill and anti-twist protection system.

2) They are easy to carry thanks to the handy support and convenient to carry around.

3) Easy to handle because they consist of a single piece.

4) Difficili da manomettere e tagliare e garantisce un ottima protezione per i tentativi di scaffosso o trazione.

5) Kryptonite’s anti-theft padlock U-Lock is now recognized as one of the best bike padlocks for safety.

Here’s how we recommend protecting your bike with the arc lock:

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