Spring is back, follow our tips for getting the most out of your bike rides.

Spring is back as the desire to stay outdoors and get back on your bike. After a long winter we give some tips to ensure a safe ride:

1. Bike Maintenance  

The first thing to do once you get your bike out of the garage is to give a good dusting to eliminate dust and possible deposits.

After we clean the bike, we’ll go check the tire pressure. Using a pump with pressure gauge we put the tires at the right pressure, which is usually between 3.5 to 5 bars for city bikes, up to 7 bars for racing bikes.

Once inflated tires wait a few minutes to check that the inner tubes  do not lose pressure and check that the tires do not have cracks on the tread, in case of problems you need to buy a new tube or a new tire.

Then we will act on the transmission of the bicycle. First we will degrease the chain, clean the gears and remove the dirt that accumulates on the gearshift pulleys, after lubricating all these parts using specific products, avoiding to exceed with the use of oil.

Very important is the brakes check, it is a good habit to periodically carry out a check on the status of the brake pads, wires and sheaths, so as not to find yourself in unpleasant situations  when in needs. We will check that the cables do not present fraying and rust marks, verifying that the wires flow well inside the sheath: releasing the brake levers, the brake jaws must return to the resting position.

Check that the lights work, most of our bikes mount led lights with batteries inside, if they do not work just replace the batteries.

Check the tightening of all screws.

Remember that proper maintenance ensures that your vehicle is safe and durable.

2) Feeding

In the season change, metabolism changes, doctors suggest to follow a balanced diet, drink a lot of fluids in order to regularly moisturize the body and avoid excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol

3) Gradual recovery

Regain confidence with your bike and avoid overdoing, do muscle toning activities to avoid unpleasant muscle problems. Start again with the right calm and intensity.

4) Beware of traffic

Pay attention to cars and always keep the right safe distance, where possible use the bike paths. Always notify changes of direction.

5) Benefits of cycling

Cycling helps to keep weight under control, prevents cardiovascular disease, reduces fatigue, protects the heart, tones and strengthens the muscles and relieves stress. 

"You don’t stop cycling when you get older, you get older when you stop cycling." (cit.)