10 Christmas gift ideas for bicycle lovers

Targeted gifts for the occasional bicycle lover or two-wheeler fanatic. If you have a friend or you are a cyclist yourself, or your child is passionate about bikes, this is the right time to make a gift.

If you need help on what to give to a cyclist for Christmas or are looking for gift ideas for those who love cycling, you will find many practical, useful and original ideas for cyclists of all ages.

  • 1) City bike on offer for men and women The ideal bike for city travel equipped with LED light system, high-performance brakes, luggage rack, basket holder (in the female version). 2 Years Warranty.
  • Price in OFFERING 149.90
  • 2) City Bike Man-Woman To tackle longer distances and take a weekend ride, with 6-speed gearbox, LED light, mudguards, cup holder and basket holder (in the female version). Guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Price in OFFERING 199.00
  • 3) Set of Lights When wandering the streets, whether they are urban or suburban, it is always important to be seen. Price in OFFERING 6.00€
  • 4) Wind Proof winter gloves With these gloves you will no longer have problems with cold hands, with three layers of Soft-Shell fabric making the glove waterproof, windproof and breathable. Price 29.50€
  • 5) Sergio Bianchi bell On a bike it is always good to be heard. Doorbell handcrafted in steel with the lily, symbol of Florence, engraved in the center. Price 3.00€
  • 6) Children's bikes from 119€ To teach the little ones to ride a bike without rushing through the stages and to support the kids' desire to ride, we offer a wide range ofchildren's bicyclesstarting from 109.
  • 7) Fixed bike
  • To be faster in city traffic and always be cool!
  • 8) Padlock
  • 9) Bags
  • 10) Clothing

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