Prepare for winter rides

According to a Euromobility survey, Italy is still an ultra-powered country when compared with other European cities; in winter, road congestion increases in proportion to the inevitable parking problems, smog and delays.
Perhaps as a result of these problems more and more people use the bicycle as a means of travel, especially from spring to autumn. Why not try it even in winter?
Here are some tips on how to set up your bicycle and how to dress for the colder months to transform yourself from ordinary citizens into bicycle superheroes!

In winter it becomes almost essential that the bicycle has mudguards in order to avoid getting dirty with the roads made more humid by the more frequent bad weather in winter, it is recommended to use wider tires and not at full pressure to increase the grip on the road and, in the case of salt on the asphalt, it is good to oil and clean the mechanical parts more often because the latter can damage them. Never forget your gloves before leaving the house !!!

Cover your ears well with a hat or earmuffs because the wind could cause some disturbance, avoid stiffening the joints by wearing a protection also for the neck. Dress in layers, protect your feet with wool socks, ending with a waterproof jacket.

The beauty is never being in the queue, arriving before the others and not having to look for a parking space. Upon arrival we would then be refreshed toned and, thanks to the endorphins resulting from the movement, in a good mood.