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With this guide we want to help you choose the best types of padlock to protect your bike, indicating the most durable products on the market.

Choosing the right one sometimes makes a difference :

  • Chain padlocks

Chain padlocks are among the most requested products, their versatility offers various ways to close the bike to fixed objects, they are comfortable, practical and have a great resistance to cutting, ensuring reliability in risk situations. Most of them are made up of square mesh rings covered with fabric. On the market there are various sizes and prices. The advice is always to invest in a chain of adequate length.

among the safest padlocks to use are chains, safe and practical to close wheels and a fixed point
  • Arc padlocks

Arc padlocks or even better known as U-Lock offer a high level of security against manipulation. They consist of two rigid parts: the arch made of durable material (hardened steel or cemented steel) and the locking block. The arc padlocks have a simple locking system but , they are difficult to cut or to break through the "lever effect". Most U-Locks on the market are equipped with support for the transport of anti-theft while pedaling.
It is advisable to combine the padlock with a flexible cable that thanks to its length allows you to tie more points of the bike and get more easily to a pole.
Among the best brands of U-lock we find Kryptonite to Abus.


  • Folding padlocks

The leader of folding locks is undoubtedly Abus, which with the Edge has revolutionized bicycle locks, flexible, lightweight, compact and practical to carry on bikes in its dedicated case. The padlock is composed of steel bars that can be rotated one on the other that guarantee high protection even in places at risk.

Abus Folding Anti-Theft Padlock Edge


  • <<Frame padlocks/span/li>
      The frame locks
      bicycle frame lock, lightweight and convenient to use

      As always we recommend in the store: "the purchase of the padlock should not be seen as a expense, but as a long-term investment for your bike" /p>