Bicycle Safety: Theft Prevention

To avoid the theft of your bicycle, here are some tips:

Choose a high quality lock: Invest in a good bicycle lock, preferably a type a U o a catena.
Avoid cable or combination locks, as they are easier to cut or tamper with.
Choose a safe place to park: Try to park your bike in a visible and frequented place, where thieves are less likely to approach.
Search for covered parking spaces, with security cameras or with surveillance personnel.
Lock the bike to a fixed object: Secure the bicycle to a pole or a rack using the lock. Make sure that the object to which the bike is attached is solid and cannot be easily disassembled or cut.
Avoid prolonged parking: If possible, avoid leaving your bike parked for long periods of time, especially at night.

Try to take it inside or to a safe place if you are not using it for a long time.
Document bicycle details: Keep track of the chassis number, brand and other important details of your bike.
This information can be useful if you need to report the theft to the authorities or recovery services.
Follow these precautions to reduce risk, but remember that prevention is your best defense.