Anyone who rides a bike knows the importance of the right saddle. There is no cyclist equal to another , that’s why saddles are so different from each other.

The shape of the saddle changes depending on the sex: women are better on the wider saddles that are designed to follow the female anatomy; but they also change shape depending on the type of cyclist.

The comfortable seat depends on your position in the saddle: those who prefer the sitting upright will have pressure zones on the saddle different from those who pedal inclined in a more aerodynamic position. The greater the inclination of the back the more important is the "beak" of the saddle, while for a more relaxed position the attention must be placed to the back of the saddle, that is, the point of greatest pressure.

A relaxed ride with your back at 90 p. requires this type of saddle , made even more comfortable by springs, to cushion the bumps of the city peacocks or stones.

Those who prefer to have more performance or where to travel several km opt for a moderate inclination with the back to 60 years. The Recommended saddle type No pressure zones in the soft parts and cushions the blows thanks to the elastomers on the back.

Separate speech deserve the leather saddles that have an unbeatable aesthetic and become comfortable with use over time. If treated with the right care they have an almost infinite duration in time and gain charm and comfort from year to year.