Why choosing a folding bike?

The folding bicycles are designed for urban use, the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way to cover even long distances. The advantage of the small footprint in fact allows you to take them by train, bus, tram free of charge.

The folding bike generally have 16" or 20 inch wheels; the wheels of 16" are smaller and therefore slower but allow more control,and once the bike is folded it takes up less space; the wheels of 20" are the right compromise between control, speed and encumbrance.

We pay particular attention to the model Graziella<< that started the era of folding bikes, protagonist in the 60s but still in fashion today showing great success even to a young audience .

Their use lends itself to many needs:

  • For the commuters that once they get off the train they can mount the folding bike and reach their workplace faster.
    City-friendly folding bicycle and the perfect bike for commuters, ">/div
  • For those using public transport who can integrate the tram or bus with the bike for last mile travel.
  • For those who are subject to bicycle thefts, with a folding bag to store in the trunk or to take home/ office can finally leave the thieves in a dry mouth.
  • For those who have parking problems of the car, a folding bike in the trunk allows you to leave the car even far and make less effort to reach home/ work.

In conclusion the folding bike is the most flexible means for city travel and a solution to mobility problems.

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