Why choose an E-Bike?

For several months, if not years, cities are increasingly stuck in traffic, the limited traffic aereas, the difficulties in finding parking; many have freed themselves from this slavery by passing to e-bikes as the main transport  to work or for simple daily commuting. The benefits of this sustainable mobility are countless, including:

No problem in finding parking
Free access in the limited traffic aereas
Minimum effort
Possibility to cover many km, even on difficult climbs
Find fast roads to avoid traffic and arrive on time
No tax, petrol and insurance costs
Ease of use
No emission
No noise
Easy charging even in home 
You can travel longer distances in less time
Using an electric bicycle helps to keep fit, without sweating. It also entails considerable economic savings, because it is not subject to taxes or insurance and an equally significant saving of time: you avoid queues and you do not waste time finding parking.