Safe pedaling

Cycling in the city, it’s healthy , fast and fun if we do it safely.

Here are our tips for safe cycling

- The importance of lights, both front and rear is essential and not questionable.
So let’s get high visibility led headlights , long life and minimal maintenance, are essential to be seen by other road users.

- We always keep our bike in excellent technical condition, well inflated wheels, efficient brakes and properly adjusted gearbox. This periodic maintenance ensures the safety of our two-wheeler.

- The road is for everyone, in the absence of bike paths, we are not afraid to occupy the space that guarantees our safety ; stay too far on the right side of the road, where there are manholes, potholes , asphalt troughs is not always a choice congliata. If the road is not in good condition, we ride more in the middle of the carriageway , the cars behind will be forced to slow down guaranteeing us further safety.

- We always follow the direction of travel of the road, with an agile gear ratio to deal with any braking and restarts and firm hands on the handlebars and brake levers.

- We recommend not to wear caps that limit lateral vision , essential to the cyclist, and headphones or earphones; it is essential for our safety to be always present to what happens on our way.

- We recommend wearing the helmet and comfortable clothing suitable for our preferred means of transport