The Bicycle: a remedy to the increases in the price of petrol.


In these days there's a talk on expensive petrol and new austerity, the economic recovery after the pandemic had already triggered inflation, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has increased oil and gas prices. The perfect scenario for a real energy crisis in which everyone is required to review their consumption.

We are lucky enough to live in a small and mostly flat city, and a solution to the expensive gasoline could be the bicycle.

Use the 2 wheels for home-work or home-study trips when possible, will be kind on both the health and the wallet ! 

  • For trips up to 8-10 km, especially in the center we can opt for a classic bike, convenient and safe.
  •  Otherwise if we have to cover more km, or we love the high speed, City bikes are preferable, always equipped with every comfort, but more sporty and performing.
  • When we instead use public transport, such as train or bus, we can carry a Folding Bike for free and speed up our travels.
  • When there are many km and the road is wearying? No problem, we rely on an Electric Bike