The bike for a more sustainable future

“Sei come la mia bici, sei proprio come lei, andiamo a farci un giro, fossi in te io ci starei" just to paraphrase Jovanotti's first great success, "La mia moto ’, to relaunch the importance of cycling as never before in this early year. A means of transport that has once again asserted itself with urgency in the first post lockdown from the  Covid pandemic, and which even now finds great enthusiasm and support, given that we are in a phase in which vaccines are making a difference, but still with a high number of infections. The cold has finally arrived, but there are mostly sunny days, and if well covered, and above all the bike is new, refitted from scratch, and well equipped, it turns out to be thel’best antidote to traffic and therefore to get around the city optimally, and beyond. Because the bike is cheap, functional, it can be used both on the normal road and preferably better on the many cycle paths that are increasing in the mileage of Florence and its province, and because it is the right way to train, thus allowing you to lower the mask under stress'. The bike is the right gift, it never clashes, it can be integrated with gadgets and functions, such as basket and rear racks, and then allows you to make friends and strengthens sentimental bonds. Just think of what another famous Italian singer, Riccardo Coccianti, said in his 'Pedalando in bicicletta '. And if it rains there are capes suitable, bag covers, cloths for cleaning clothes and just our favorite sports tool. In times of Recovery Fund and European projection, the bike takes you everywhere, it can be transported anywhere, and it never gets old. In short, the only great love bicycle, to pedal towards a future with still many unknowns, but that lap of rim after lap of rim can only give satisfaction and new goals to be achieved.


A special thanks to Luca Cellini