Our best bicycle locks

Unfortunately almost all of us have experienced the anger and disappointment that come from the theft of our beloved bicycle. Giving up 2 wheels is not the solution since the bike will increasingly be at the center of urban travel.

In our rescue come the big brands of padlocks that for decades have been using their resources in new and safer models.

Among the best, we chose Abus and Kryptonite.

Abus is a German brand whose products are characterized by reliability, ease of use and long life. They make high quality padlocks for all types of locks: chains, bows or folding.

The Abus chains combine safety with ease of use, allow you to easily close the bike to fixed objects, the best for us is the Ivy Chain 9210, designed for those who park the bike in places at high risk of theft. Composed of a 10 mm thick square mesh, covered with a special synthetic fibre fabric to avoid damaging the painting of the bicycle and resistant to blades

chain abus chain ivy 9210Abus also invented the folding padlock which combines safety, design and lightness. Our choice is uGrip Edge 5700 , composed of 5 mm thick steel bars, connected to each other by special anti-lock pins. It is easy to carry thanks to the support to be installed directly on the bike frame, with a nice weight and attractive aesthetics. It is suitable for those who park in areas at medium risk of theft and its length of 100 cm allows you to secure the bike to fixed objects in a practical and fast.

abus bordo 5700 k>/p>

Talking about security in padlocks, we can not mention the arc padlock, invented by Kryptonite which boasts a legendary history in its field, with the invention of the "U" padlock and c he started a new safety standard for the bicycle

Our choice is Evolution Mini-9 consisting of a 13 mm thick steel ring, highly resistant to attempts to break-in with bolt cutters and lever. Compact and easy to transport thanks to its support. It can be combined with a cable for the protection of the wheels. Recommended in areas at high risk of theft.

kryptonite evolution mini 9

This short list is focused only on our best padlocks because we believe that the quality offered is worth the inevitable high cost : guarantee a long future to our bike is an investment, not a mere expense.

It should also be considered the fact that, if treated with a little care, the lock is eternal, so it lasts a long time and many bikes: maybe we start to move with a single-speed bike and with time the needs change; here we have to change bikes, maybe equipped with more ratios, we won’t have to pay for the padlock another time and even the new best bike will be equally protected.

Many manufacturers of anti-theft systems advise to invest 10% of the value of the bicycle in the locking system; we are of the opinion that we must spend as much as possible, compatible with our needs, with the places where we park the bike and also with our wallet.