How to teach children to ride a bike

First rule:never force them!

The right age to learn to ride a bicycle does not exist at all, usually it is between 4 or 5 years old, but there are children who do it as early as 3 years old, or after 6 years; if your child starts later, no problem, he will certainly make up for lost time quickly!

Go in progression

To start pedaling, you start from the bike with wheels .

When the child has become sufficiently familiar especially with the brakes and touches well with his feet on the ground, ask him if he is ready to remove the wheels, explaining that he will be faster, more independent and"bigger", assuring him of your help. Cycling is fun, involve your child.

It is highly advisable to use a helmet, knee pads and gloves to avoid consequences for probable falls

Remove the pedals from the bicycle, choose a flat ground without obstacles or distractions, make him push with his feet to find balance, when he feels safe he can give himself a push with his feet and lift them off the ground for longer and longer journeys.

When his confidence with the bike grows, take him on a slight descent, to make him travel more and more road with his feet raised, when he is at ease reassemble the pedals, as soon as he overcomes the initial hesitations he will pedal alone and you will attend the birth. of a new cyclist!

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