How not to get your bike stolen

The best tips on how to fold the bike on the street

To avoid bicycle theft there are various tricks. Here are some tips to make life hard for thieves:

The frame is the part to pay more attention to: it goes secured to a rack , a pole or gate firmly rooted to the ground, proof of removal.
The front wheel is the easiest to remove, especially if equipped with a quick release, with a long enough padlock to fix the frame with the front wheel to a pole or rack.
 A second padlock secures the rear wheel to the frame for even more peace of mind.

The types of padlocks

they are the most common and practical to tie the bike, comfortable and simple to use and make it easy to close the bike in several parts together with a fixed position.

U-shaped locks are very popular and practical to carry thanks to the special support that avoids any blows on the frame that could damage the bike.

Abus chain
 A very important aspect to prevent the theft of your bike is the choice of the chain, so even a high expense to guarantee a reliable chain always costs less than a new bike!
Another advantage is having a thick diameter against the wire cutters, which forces the thief to use a hose.

Folding Padlocks
the articulated padlocks are made up of steel bars of varying lengths. The shape of the connections allows for maximum compactness. Easy to carry thanks to the practical case with anti-vibration protection.

 An additional deterrent can be the application of the license plateBikeSafe, the most effective bike marking system against theft. Adopted by an increasing number of Italian cities, since 2006 it represents the Italian standard with thousands of bicycles registered in the Italian Bike Registry. Used together with a good padlock it reduces the probability of theft by at least 10 times and increases that of recovery after theft by over 25 times.


General tips on how to lock the bike

If you have nothing to attach the bike to, close it with your friend's.
Never put your padlock on the ground , in order to avoid an easy support point that facilitates tampering with the padlock.
Park your bicycle in clearly visible places, always choose a passageway and never leave it unattended even for a few minutes. Lock the bike even inside courtyards, cellars and under the stairs
Be careful to park your bicycle too close to cars which could damage the wheels or frame by their maneuvers.
Also be careful not to hinder pedestrians with parking your vehicle.

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