How to choose the right bike for your child

As with the choice of shoes, the advice is to take the bike in the right size. The main parameter is that of the height of the child, especially the size of the horse. If the child is already an expert cyclist, we can think of a bigger bike that he can use for more years; if, on the other hand, the little one is a beginner, we should evaluate a smaller size so that he has full control.

We think that the little wheels are a tool that favors the autonomy of the child; even if he is already a balance bicycle expert, the functioning of real bikes is different:he must learn the movement of pedaling and how to brake. The little wheels allow him to learn these things independently and at his own pace.

  • For childern of 2-4 years, normally the model has wheels of 12 inches, for an indicative height of 85-105 cm.
  • For children of 3-5 years we recommend the model with wheels of 14 inches, for an indicative height 95-115 cm.
  • The ideal bike for children of 4-6 years has 16 inches wheels, the indicative height for this model is 105-125 cm.
  • For children of 5-7 years the suitable model is with 18 inches wheels, the height is 110-130 cm.
  • For children 6-9 years old the model has 20 inches wheels, indicative the height is 120-145 cm.
  • For children aged 9-12 years the model we recommend has 24 inches wheel whose indicative height is 130-155 cm

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