Towards the Giro d'Italia: passage from Tuscany with a view of Paris

Will start next May 6 from the Costa dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo the Giro d'Italia 2023 edition that will arrive in Tuscany on the 16th, and more exactly in Viareggio, and that will live the restart on May 17 from Camaiore. A touch and escape in our Region of the pink race that will be in fact a very short taste of what instead will be the heart of the scene in 2024 when there will be the start of the most famous stage cycling race in the world, the Tour de France, that will start from Florence with the Grand Depart, which will bring the best of international runners to challenge each other on the banks of the Arno.
It will be a great showcase for the capital city that in the meantime is slowly turning into a meeting place for fans of those who go on two wheels, of cyclists and young practitioners, in a desire to rediscover cycling, not only as a sport, but for everyday life. And if Florence is also seeing new links in terms of cycle paths,
, such as the stretch between Via delle Porte Nuove and Piazza Puccini or the bike path that connects Via Canova with Via del Cavallaccio-Via Signorelli, up to Via Pio Fedi, among the recent works useful for cyclists looking for a bike escape between city and countryside to mention the new pedestrian walkway on the Bisenzio, decisive also the ends of the future that will see Florence bind to the other areas of the Metropolitan City if it is true that this year will begin work on the tramway between Porta a Prato and the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio, with new jobs cycle-San Donnino to give new sporting life in the north west of Florence. That’s why equip yourself with a good bicycle, safe, practical, functional, maybe even >transportable for example in tramway,
becomes even more important, with baskets, luggage racks, helmet and padlock that are not only additional accessories, but indispensable and innovative.
Returning to the departure of the Tour de France from Florence is on bridge the organization of a series of events side the race in transalpine yellow, and some of them, especially those who will try to involve families, will take place in areas where access will be made only for those traveling by bike, with the opportunity to know, take photos and receive gadgets from the great champions of the two wheels.
To remember finally that small appetizer of what will happen on June 29, 2024, was what happened on 19 March last from Piazzale Michelangelo with the third edition of the race called 'Forever Alfredo' dedicated to the memory of the former runner and historian ex c.t. of the Italian national team blue, Alfredo Martini, who this year has seen the 125 members compete in the territory of Mugello, until the arrival in Sesto Fiorentino. Just in the Municipality led by Lorenzo Falchi, passionate about two wheels, the ct. blue Daniele Bennati before rewarding the winner, the German Felix Engelhardt, recalled a famous phrase of the same Martini:"Those who ride whistle, think, design, sing, smile. Who goes in the car gets angry and sad".

Special thanks to our cycling friend Luca Cellini for writing the text for us.