A recent study showed that pedaling lengthens life expectancy, because heart disease is avoided, as well as improving breathing and muscles

The first days of June, there are two closely related recurrences and vital for both personal and global well-being:

On 3 June we celebrate the World Bicycle Day, approved in 2018 by the United Nations, was born with the aim of raising awareness of the use of the bicycle as a means of transport ecological and healthy.
Simple to use, economical and environmentally friendly with zero emissions of gases harmful to humans and the environment.

A few days after June 5 we celebrate the World Environment Day established in 1972 and increasingly important every year that passes.

The two Days dedicated to these issues are not a celebration, they are a warning, an awareness that becomes increasingly urgent and imperative.

It is unconscious to think that the current system of exploitation of resources is even more viable; if we want to preserve Planet Earth and ensure a healthy future for future generations, everyone must do his part.

Respect for the environment and conscious use of resources must be a daily practice that involves several levels of our daily life: from the collection of waste, from our systems of displacement to the fight against food waste, water waste or non-renewable energy.

For daily commuting in the city, some studies have shown to be under 5 km, the bicycle can become the preferred means, but if we really can not give up the car you can still travel at low speeds minimizing both fuel consumption and toxic emissions with a significant increase in road safety.

We have One Earth , and the change starts from us