Christmas gift ideas for cyclists

We have arrived at that moment of the year when it is time to show affection to loved ones, we know how long can be the search for the perfect gift, For this reason Cicli Sergio Bianchi comes to your aid with the best gift ideas for bike lovers.

  • Women’s Bike 149,90€

Our bestseller, the classic women’s bike, comfortable and equipped with all accessories to move safely and quickly for the streets of Florence, complete with LED light and basket holder, guaranteed 2 years.


  • Men’s bike 149,90€

The best seller men’s bike. The best way to move quickly in the streets of Florence. Equipped with LED light system, bell and a durable rear package holder. The bike mounts 28" wheels and is guaranteed for 2 years.

  • Women’s City Bike

The city bike versatile and lightweight, ready to bring you on your daily trips. Equipped with useful accessories such as fenders, basket holder and battery light, all equipped with gear to minimize the effort on the climb and go at full speed downhill. Our bikes are covered by warranty for 2 years. If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for a woman, we recommend the city bike Sergio Bianchi Firenze

  • Men’s City Bike

Le bike lovers. Lightweight, functional and equipped with every comfort, perfect for getting around the city quickly and easily.

  • Children’s bike

Christmas has always been a magical moment, Give your child hours of healthy fun: in our bike shop in Florence you will find the full range of Children’s bike able to meet all needs, from the first bike with little wheels up to the bikes for bigger kids. If you need advice on choosing the right bike please refer to the . Make your child’s Christmas unique with a bike Sergio Bianchi Florence

  • Folding bikes

Folding bicycles are the perfect Christmas gift to put under the tree. Ideal for commuters and those who use public transport, to reduce travel time in the city by cycling. Read, small ,easy to fold and store safely at home.

The right gift for this Christmas the bike helmet, safe and comfortable to wear.
  • Helmet

The bicycle helmet is a indispensable gift to ensure maximum safety of the cyclist . Also suitable for those who ride scooter or skateboard. The helmet must be light, adjustable, it must allow excellent lateral vision and have good ventilation.

A Christmas gift that can’t be missing under the tree, the smartphone holder in silicone handlebar.
  • Phone holder

Among the things most loved by cyclists and therefore ideal as a Christmas gift, there is definitely the phone holder. It is useful both as navigator in unknown streets, either to answer the phone or to listen to your favorite music on a bike without ever having to take your eyes off the road .

  • Chains

One of the most appreciated and requested gifts of this Christmas 2022 is the padlock; a gift certainly useful to secure the bicycle.

At Christmas it offers security, with a src=/div>
  • Bottle holder

Wine bottle holder for bicycles the perfect gift for the Christmas holidays , in lookslike- leather with a vintage touch.

Bicycle bottle holder to make Christmas unique

  • Gloves

Gloves have always been the perfect Christmas gift. The glove BRN Winter Pro have 3 layers in Soft-Shell fabric make it waterproof, windproof and breathable, 70 gr Thinsulate insulation keep the heat in an excellent way. Gel pads absorb vibrations and shocks. Back with mesh inserts for optimal breathability and comfort. Reflective elements increase visibility for maximum safety. Adjustable Velcro closure strap for added comfort.

Vintage or modern style bicycle bags. Practical and large capacity saddlebags or separate small bags
  • Bags

Another tip for this Christmas gifts are the bags that offer the cyclist the ability to transport objects safely .

  • Lights

Thinking about the safety of your favorite cyclist the advice for the right gift are the luci . Can be placed anywhere on your bike, helmet or backpack, with USB charging or batteries.

  • Bell Sergio Bianchi Florence

A perfect Christmas gift is the bell in steel <Sergio Bianchi Firenze, a classic bell of high quality, produced in Italy with the lily of Florence engraved in the center. It is durable and designed to last long.

Christmas gifts by Sergio Bianchi are the perfect choice for your family and friends. Check out our wide range of bicycles, accessories and cycling clothing. Come and visit us in Florence, in Via San Gallo 42r and choose the perfect gift idea for your family and friends!