Abus Chain Lock 6206K Goose - Steel bike lock

The ABUS Goose Lock bike lock is lightweight, durable and easy to transport

It is composed of of different elements: the classic 6 mm thick steel chain, the swan neck, the foam coating and a plastic fiber sheath.

The steel chain, and all its components are made of specially hardened steel.

The term "swan neck" refers to two twisted metal spiral springs that ensure the dimensional stability of the lock. This allows you to fold the lock into the desired shape and wrap it tightly around the bike frame.

The foam ensures a smooth transport. The high protection against abrasion and scratches is guaranteed by the durable and highly flexible coating made of plastic fibers. Thanks to the shape stability and foam, the anti-theft device can be transported very well. It does not move on the bike frame and at the same time remains flexible.

In addition, the bike lock ABUS Goose Lock has a key locking mechanism, with high quality ABUS cylinder, which guarantees maximum safety against professional thieves.

The combination of elegant design, excellent quality of materials and effective protection against theft, make the ABUS Goose Lock bike lock an ideal solution for those who want to protect their bike safely and conveniently.