Bicycle maintenance

There bicycle maintenance it is very important to ensure safety and to pedal without having problems. With i advice of our mechanics you can always keep your bike efficient and performing.
Clean and lubricate the bike it is not only an aesthetic reason, but it is the best system to remove mud and dust that accumulate over time have an abrasive effect on the components and on the frame, this is the best system to get to know your bicycle better, preventing any future damage by intervening to weather .
For wash the bicycle a simple bucket of soapy water, a brush, one is enoughBrush (exist on the marketspecial brushes specially made to clean the chain and sprockets), a sponge and a basin with a little oil.
With the brush soaked in naphtha you wash the parts of the rear derailleur, the derailleur and the brake calipers (be careful not to wash the pads or pads), instead with the special brushes, you proceed to wash the chain and sprockets.

Once the oil has been passed, the rest of the bike is washed using a sponge and a non-aggressive degreasing detergent, at this point it is rinsed with clean water, then dried the bike with a clean cloth.

The last thing to do is lubricate all mechanical parts (chain, sprocket set, crankset, derailleur, front and rear wheel cones) usingspray lubricants special. Remove excess oil as it attracts dust and dirt.

Remember to always keep the well swollen tires , effort is reduced and the risk of damage to the wheels is reduced.

At this point your bike is ready to go! 

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