Bike Accessories

There are many accessories for the bike, in this section of the site we list a series of useful accessories for the bicycle:

Helmet: It is one of the most important accessories for the cyclist, made of impact resistant material. It is essential to buy a good helmet of your size by wearing it correctly, in order to preserve the head in the event of a fall. After a fall, even if slight, it is better to replace the helmet with a new one, it may no longer have the right requirements to protect your head.

Lights: it is another important accessory for the bike, they allow you to be seen and be seen, there are different types and sizes. Equip your bicycle with a front light that allows you to illuminate the road, fixing it to the handlebar, and a rear light with a flashing function to allow you to be seen, adapting it to the luggage rack or frame or seat tube.

Child seats : essential for parents. The front seat has an approval of 15 kg; the rear of 25 kg. Child seats must not limit the cyclist's visibility nor his freedom of movement.

 Pumps , to inflate the wheels, available in various sizes depending on use. The smaller ones are practical to carry around during emergency turns; those from the ground are less tiring and more efficient.

Bags indispensable for cycle tourism, they are also valid helpers in the city, for daily trips. From the lowercase saddlebag which contains the new inner tube for sudden punctures at bags for traveling by bike.

Smartphone holder useful as a navigator, sometimes it is necessary to have an eye on it in order not to get lost

Baskets there are all kinds of them because they are essential in the city: small and light or large and resistant, suitable for every need, to place a handbag or to put the shopping in.

Doorbells , allies for safety on two wheels allow us to signal our presence also acoustically.

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