On Bike While Raining

If you’re going to ride a bike when it rains, here are some tips that might be helpful:

Make sure you have the right clothing: wear a lightweight and breathable raincoat, waterproof pants or at least with water resistance, waterproof shoes or waterproof shoe covers and gloves.
It is important to protect yourself from the rain to avoid getting too wet and risk getting cold.
Check the condition of your bike: make sure the wheels are swollen and the brakes are working properly.
In rainy conditions, roads can be slippery, so it is important to have good grip.
Guide with caution: slow and brake gradually to avoid slipping. Be aware that the brakes may not work as they should in wet conditions. Beware of puddles and wet leaves, which can make the road even more slippery.
Use lights and reflectors: In case of rain, visibility can be reduced. Use the lights and reflectors to make you see better to other drivers and cyclists.

Be aware of other road users: in case of rain, pedestrians and motorists may be more distracted or less careful. Pay attention to other road users and always follow the road rules.
Try to stay as sheltered as possible: if possible, try to cycle along roads or cycle paths that are sheltered from rain, for example under bridges or near buildings.

Remember that in rainy weather visibility can be reduced and road conditions can be more dangerous. If you do not feel safe, it is better not to ride a bike.