Alfonsina Strada first and only woman to run the Giro d'Italia


Alfonsina Strada was an Italian cyclist who became famous at the beginning of the 20th century.

Born on March 16, 1891 in Castelfranco Emilia, Italy. Strada developed a passion for cycling at a young age and began to participate in local races. In 1917, during World War I, many male cyclists were drafted into the army, leaving a gap in cycling competitions.
Taking advantage of the situation, Strada decided to participate in the prestigious Giro d'Italia, one of the most demanding and prestigious cycling races in the world.

Despite the objections of the organizers of the race, she was allowed to participate in the race.
Road faced significant challenges during the race. The long and exhausting stages proved physically demanding and often lagged behind the male cyclists. However, she persevered and managed to complete the race.
His determination and resilience captured the public’s attention and admiration.
Although Strada was the last one at the Giro d'Italia, her success as the first and only woman to compete in the race made her a legendary figure in the history of Italian sport. It became a symbol of female emancipation and defied the traditional gender norms of the era.
After his historic participation in the Giro d'Italia, Strada continued to compete in several cycling events. She has set several records in long-distance cycling and has become an inspiration for many women interested in sports.
Unfortunately, Strada’s life was interrupted when he committed suicide on September 13, 1959, at the age of 68.
Alfonsina Strada’s legacy as a pioneer for women in sports remains significant.