7 good reasons for cycling

In recent years the bicycle has become one of the most popular means of transport by Italians, ecological and healthy also recognized by the ONU as a fundamental element to counter the climate crisis.
Many European countries have adopted laws that encourage the use of bicycles for daily travel, to combat pollution and to help the country’s economy.

Here are the 7 good reasons to use the bicycle all year

1- Make Happy

Pedaling stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones that reduce fatigue and have a positive effect on mood, also lowers stress and makes us feel more energetic.

2- Keeps you in Shape

Cycling helps those who want to lose weight cycling being an aerobic sport. Cycling tones and strengthens the muscles and makes fat burn.
One hour of cycling burns up to 500 calories ,recommended in this case constancy.

3- Protects the Heart

Cycling protects the heart, pedaling helps to strengthen the heart muscle and is better able to withstand fatigue, reduces cardiovascular risk in the long run.

4- Prolongs Life

A recent study showed that pedaling lengthens life expectancy, because heart disease is avoided, as well as improving breathing and muscles

5- Saves

Cycling around the city saves hundreds of euros of petrol and paid stops

6- Improves air quality

In years of fight against climate change, the bicycle is the ideal means without harmful gas emissions, also does not produce pollution sound and volume; a bicycle takes up much less space than a car both on the road or as parked.

7- Quality of life

All the benefits listed so far can be summarized with the concept of quality of life: a well-being that starts from our body and also involves our city. Having the full freedom and management of our routes, without getting stuck in traffic ( and the stress that comes with it), allows us not to arrive late to appointments or work and get anywhere. The ease of stopping and finding parking , shopping leads wellness to the activities of the neighborhood.