5 accessories for cycling to work

Here are five essential accessories for cycling:

Helmet: The helmet is an essential safety accessory to protect the head in case of falls or accidents. Choose a casco that fits your head correctly and complies with safety regulations.

Lights: The lights for bicycles are crucial to improve visibility during night riding or in low light conditions. Make sure you have a white front light and a red back light to signal your presence to other road users.

Padlock: A good lock is essential to protect your bike when you leave it unattended. Choose a sturdy and durable lock, preferably U-lock or chain lock, to attach your bike to a fixed object such as a pole or railing.

Bag or luggage carrier: If you need to carry items on your bike, a or a parcel rack can be very useful. You can choose between different options, such as shoulder bags, handlebar bags or rear bags, depending on your transport needs.

Pump and repair kit: It is important to be prepared for any punctures during your bike rides. Make sure you always have a pump to inflate tires and a repair kit to deal with small road emergencies such as punctures or chain problems.

Always remember to check your bike regularly to make sure it is in good condition and to comply with road safety rules while driving.