Bike in Florence | Long-term Bike Rental

The easiest and cheapest way to rent a bike in Florence, which has always hosted international students from all over the world.

There are many places of interest and the international universities are among the most prestigious in Europe.

Florence is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important cultural landmark.
The " Culla del Rinascimento" is an ideal city for walking or cycling.

In the historic center of Florence it is very easy to get around by bike because many areas are closed to car traffic, and in the rest of the city there are many bike paths.
Cycling is the most suitable means of transport during your stay in Florence.

For this reason, Sergio Bianchi has created a long-term bike rental very simple and cheap.

Buy one of our bikes and return it when you no longer need it.

You can buy a new bike from 159.90 €

  • If you use it for 10 days, you get 70.00€ back
  • If you use it for 1 month, you get 60.00€ back
  • If you use it for 2 months, you get 55.00€ back
  • If you use it for 3 months, you get 50.00€ back
  • After 4 months, you get 45.00€ back

 Bike long term rental